Case Studies

City of Fernley – Safe Routes to Schools Report

In 2007 a group of community leaders who were concerned about the safety and health of their children formed a “Fernley Safe Routes to School Coalition”. The Coalition determined to investigate why more children do not take active transportation (walk, bike, or other form of physical transportation activity) to and from school, and how safety issues could be addressed. The Coalition presented their findings to the City of Fernley (City) with a request that the City apply for funding to conduct a comprehensive Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) plan.

The purpose of HEC’s SRTS Plan is to fulfill the terms of the grant awarded to the City of Fernley to provide a planning tool for the first phase of implementing a Safe Routes to Schools Program. The primary objective of this study is to document the safety of children walking to and from schools in Fernley, and recommend and prioritize measures to help ensure that these students are provided with safe walking routes.