Case Studies

TMRPA Infrastructure Networks Report

HEC was retained by TMRPA to provide a report that examined infrastructure capacity constraints for areas of Washoe County, NV within the jurisdiction of the TMRPA.  The purpose of the report was to identify potential infrastructure issues that might affect the ability to implement the Regional Plan, which was in the process of being updated.

The scope of work provided for a comprehensive analysis including interviews with service providers and projections of development scenarios to match planned infrastructure with projected population and employment increases.  The report provided the following:

  1. Identified the nature of constraints (e.g., structural, financial, or political) for new development areas identified in the Regional Plan, and the relationships of these constraints to one another,
  2. Discussed solutions identified by the entities to correct infrastructure and capacity limitations in the future; and,
  3. Provided recommendations for future actions to better integrate service providers’ planning to achieve a regional vision for growth.